Aircraft Cool Off

Cool Off at SkySouth!

Have a case of the “airplane-been-sitting-on-a-hot-ramp-in-the-sun-all-day” blues? We can help! SkySouth’s creative crew has put together an “Aircraft Cool Off” system designed to take the edge off the heat. For the month of July, come get a free “cool-off.” You’re helping us work out any kinks in our system and we’re helping you avoid sticky […]

New Jet Fuel Truck at SkySouth!

What makes Burlington’s FBO ground support personnel happy? New stuff! Or at least, “new-to-us” stuff.  Next time you fly in, check out our new-to-us jet fuel truck.  It looks newer.  It drives better.  It’s less noisy.  It’s generally better and easy to use.  That’s how we like things to be at SkySouth. Inside that truck is […]

Deluxe Baron gets a Makeover

SkySouth’s Deluxe Baron now boasts brand new paint and refurbished interior! Here it is heading out to pick up passengers for the first flight with the new makeover. This Baron cruises at over 200 knots and has Dual Touchscreen GPS and Dual Aspen Flight Displays with Synthetic Vision, as well as On-Board and Satellite Weather Radar. Fly […]

Icy Conditions at Burlington Alamance Regional Airport.

Icy Conditions at KBUY – Friday, January 22, 2016

Due to icy conditions on the runway and local roads, SkySouth will be closed Friday, January 22, 2016. To reach a staff member, please call our after hours number (336) 223-4994. If you need to leave a message regarding future services you may do so at our office number (336) 226-3330. Stay tuned to our […]

More Airport Improvements Complete in Burlington

The Burlington-Alamance Airport Authority successfully completed installation of a new LED taxiway lighting system at KBUY.  After years of replacing burned out bulbs and broken units, the Authority will see significant cost savings and pilots will have better lighting.  SkySouth is excited about this win-win at our home base airport. Also completed was the widening […]