Air-to-Air Photo Shoot

We met Jay Selman when he came to do some air-to-air photography of the Collings Foundation’s warbirds while they were here on the Wings of Freedom tour a month ago. We thought it would be nice to have some shots of our Barons flying.

We got in touch with Jay, and he connected us with the pilot owner of a Yak who was willing to fly as the “photo bird.” The Yak was a great choice because he was able to slide back the canopy and get a 360 degree view, unobstructed by glass.

It takes some skill to fly formation. The pilots have to be extremely in tune with each other and precise in their movements. Nate Muscavage flew lead and Kevin Mock, with plenty of aerobatic experience, flew off his wing.

The results were stunning. They flew over scenic Jordan Lake in the fall. Enjoy our gallery!

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