Business Aviation – A Tool for Growth

The National Business Aviation Association recently profiled a company, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, on how they have used their aircraft fleet (three Citation Sovereigns, a Citation X, and a Citation Bravo) to grow their business and better serve their customers.

Business Aviation Insider - The Right Tool for the Job Article

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“I’m convinced that we would not be a company of 3,700 people without business aviation,” says the company’s founder, Ed Schweitzer.  Their fleet moves engineers, salespeople, and supply chain managers – not just executives.  Not only is their entire team more productive, but they can reach their customers in a few hours when airline travel would take a full day.

This is not the first time we’ve heard this story.  At the terminal here in Burlington, we have pilots come through who are quite enthusiastic about how their flight department has helped their company grow.  They love to tell their story.  Like Schweitzer, they are moving regional management, sales teams, and HR teams in addition to senior management.  They can move their people all over the Southeast and get them onsite – getting the job done – rather than struggling to solve problems remotely or wasting hours on travel.

A Tool that Scales

Similarly, this is why our charter customers choose to fly with us.  These are smaller businesses whose needs do not yet support an in-house flight department.  Just like Schweitzer, they know that the ability to meet with a customer face-to-face, make a deal, or solve a problem is what sets them apart from their competition.

Utilizing charter aircraft, such as our fleet of Beechcraft Barons, allows them to experience the advantages of business aviation without the risk of aircraft ownership. When the situation arises where the benefit of flying outweighs the cost of the trip. Just like Schweitzer, they are using the right tool for the job.

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